Internet Law Group is a boutique law firm representing corporate victims of fraud committed over the Internet (phish, spam, malware, botnet operations, online sale of counterfeit and pirated products, online trademark infringement, etc.). For nearly a decade, ILG’s founding partner, Jon L. Praed, has been at the forefront of the Internet community’s legal battle against online fraud.

Our practice is built on the premise that Internet fraud is a "common enemy" of our clients. In fighting this common enemy, our clients seek a common objective - to reduce the impact Internet fraud has on their business.

We help our clients achieve this objective by collecting information about acts of Internet fraud from across our client base and other sources, using automated systems developed in-house. We trace the acts back to their human source, using a variety of formal and informal information-gathering techniques. Our clients hire us to increase the intelligence of their own work, and to expand their view into the world of cyber-fraud. Because of the efficiencies in our practice, most of our work is performed under a cost-effective fixed monthly retainer, with hourly rates applying to advanced work targeting specific fraudsters. Our clients also appreciate and benefit from the strong privileges and protections that flow from our role as private sector lawyers directly representing private sector clients. Leveraging off all that we know, we work with our clients to develop and implement effective offensive actions (civil litigation as well as criminal referrals) that target the major fraudsters victimizing our clients.

In a nutshell, our clients understand we know how to identify fraudsters and understand they each benefit from appropriate sharing of information about their common enemy, about themselves, and about their roles as victims of Internet fraud.


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